Together is our favourite place to be

Whether you're expecting your first (second, third, or more), having professional photographs of your newborn, older kiddos, and the larger family is a must!  Throw in the whole immediate family and/or extended family for a large group shot, or bring it back to just the two of you as a couple.  Families come in all shapes and sizes and I love to photograph them all!


where do your sessions take place?

Sessions can be done in a studio setting or at a location of your choice.  With children, it's nice to have them in a home or outdoor environment.  They tend to feel much more at ease!  My favourite shots are when I can capture children in their element; playing, laughing, hugging, being silly.  Natural is the best!

Can you travel to the place we have in mind?

I certainly can!  There is small travel fee for anything outside of the Ottawa area.

How long will our portrait session last?

Most sessions packages are based on 1-2 hours of coverage (see the pricing page for details).  Additional time is available for a fee.

what should we wear?

Simple, plain-coloured clothes that blend together as a whole are the best.  Clothes with subtle patterns can also be very nice.  Stay away from bold stripes and checks.  I'm also not a fan of the "all white tops and dark bottoms" look.  Blending colours with tones that work together look the nicest!

what happens if it rains?

I actually prefer an overcast day, as the lighting is really beautiful and flattering.  Even a little bit of drizzle is perfectly fine.  If it's a downpour, I'm happy to reschedule for a different day. 

Are the photos retouched?

Yes, I always make sure your images look fantastic and are print-ready.  Noticeable blemishes and other distractions are removed.  For a small fee, further editing can be done including eye and head swaps (it sounds a bit creepy, but you'll never notice the difference!)