Because your day will be remembered

Choosing your wedding photographer is an important decision, and should reflect your style and personality.  As a professional, I offer creative and quality imaging, and ensure a relaxed, easy, and most of all FUN wedding day.  Packages are flexible to suit your needs.  Check out the pricing page for full packages.  I would love to hear about the plans for your big day!


Describe your style

I would best describe my style as "contemporary, artsy, and naturally beautiful."  In other words, I love to capture couples just being themselves, but throw in some beautiful natural lighting techniques, different angles, clean composition, and voila!  You have amazing photographs that you can look back on for decades to come.

why is professional photography so expensive?

This is a doozy and is surprisingly asked quite a bit!  Simply put, you're not just paying for someone to click a button, but for an incredible amount of time and expertise.  Becoming a true professional photographer is a skill acquired through years of experience.  Most photographers will take years from purchasing their camera to making money with it.  Not to mention the mountain of equipment and software that is purchased, along with running a studio (utilities, insurance, etc).  In addition to physical equipment, photographers are constantly working on their craft (perhaps through additional schooling, workshops, practicing techniques, etc). In short, professional photographers are just that - professionals.  No different than a dentist, electrician, or mechanic.  Look at it this way - a pair of scissors will cost $1.50 at the hardware store, but most people will pay significantly more to have a professional hairdresser use scissors!  The added attention and quality that a professional photographer provides is worth every penny!!

How far in advance should we book our photographer?

In the shortest term, ASAP!  Photographers can book up to 12-18 months in advance.  Next to the venue, this should be the next tick on your list!

do you provide destination wedding service?

Absolutely!  For the cost of my travel and accommodation, there is no additional charge for your wedding package.

Do you provide a video service?

No, I am "still" photography only.  I prefer to do the absolute highest quality of work for you, and I wouldn't be able to do this with two jobs on the go.  I have excellent videographer referrals that I'm happy to pass along.

Do we have to provide a meal for you?

If I am covering the reception, I do require a meal (or meals if a secondary photographer is present) to be provided.  I work much better when I've been fed!

How long will it take to view the Photos?

You can expect to view your online gallery approximately 2-3 weeks after the wedding.  Edited, retouched, final print-ready images will be sent to you approximately 4 weeks after the wedding.